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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Jun 17, 2018

 Fintech, edtech, healthtech... and now, what is sextech? 

Sextech refers to any technology or tech-driven venture that enhances the human sexuality experience. Its the US$30 billion industry that you've never heard of... and no, its not just sex robots and VR porn. 
On this episode, Sara and Jye's worlds collide as we talk all things sextech with Gavin Heaton of Disruptor's Handbook. Together with Bryony Cole, Gavin is also part of the team that hosts the Future of Sex global hackathon and accelerator series.
Gavin gives us his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges for sextech companies, and how they're changing the world. He explains why sextech is at the point where social media was years ago, and how its recent exponential growth has been driven by female founders.    
We then talk about Asia's first sextech hackathon that took place in Singapore in May - what it is, how its structured, what the winning ideas were and how you can get involved!

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