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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

May 24, 2020

Sexual desire, or libidos, naturally ebb and flow. Sometimes over a course of a single day. So one of the most common challenges that couples face in relationships is a loss of desire or mismatched libidos. Often in these situations, sex begins to feel like a chore or a performance, which leads to...

May 8, 2020

Dirty talk usually gets a bad rep. After all, sex isn’t dirty – so why should talking about it be?


On this hilarious episode, Sara chats with her sex-positive friends Kat and James, who are never short on things to say, in the bedroom or otherwise. We talk about the many benefits of dirty talk – from building...

Apr 9, 2020

How has the global pandemic affected your sex and love life? And how can you ‘corona-proof’ your relationship against the stress, uncertainty and conflict?


A crisis like the one we find ourselves in accelerates the dynamics of any relationship, and you may feel more intense emotions for each other or reach...

Mar 26, 2020

What were you taught in sex-ed, and what do you wish you had learned? Often there’s a big difference between the two!


Sara and guests Jules Hannaford, teacher and host of the Hong Kong Confidential podcast and comedian Elena Gabrielle of Story Party, talk about the sex education we received, which was shrouded in...

Mar 16, 2020

Is your perception of BDSM and kink informed by the infamous Fifty Shades of Gray?


Even though the Fifty Shades franchise does a lot to bring BDSM to the mainstream, it also get a lot of things wrong. Particularly one of BDSM’s key principles, negotiating consent.


Sara and co-host Kat sit down with Jannus of