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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

How has the global pandemic affected your sex and love life? And how can you ‘corona-proof’ your relationship against the stress, uncertainty and conflict?


A crisis like the one we find ourselves in accelerates the dynamics of any relationship, and you may feel more intense emotions for each other or reach breaking point more quickly.


We’re all concerned about staying physically healthy during these times; but it just as important to keep your relationships safe, strong and healthy too.


Sara chats with clinical psychologist Dr. Kimberly Carder, as we discuss practical strategies and solutions to answer the following crowdsourced questions from followers:


  1. How do I reduce anxiety for myself, and comfort and reassure my partner during this crisis?
  1. I’m around my partner all the time, and we don’t have much desire for sex right now. How can we spice things up and re-capture that sense of excitement?
  1. We’re both stuck at home at this intense time, which is driving us to nitpick and fight with each other over lots of small things that wouldn’t normally bother us. What can we do?
  1. My partner and I are stuck in different cities, and I’m feeling lonely and bored now that we’re separated. What can we do to feel more connected?
  1. My partner thinks I am over reacting and minimizes my fear of the coronavirus, how can I get them to take it more seriously?
  1. Is it even safe to have sex these days?


Kim and Sara talk about why the power of “teamwork” is more essential than ever during these times, and the need for the 4Cs – creativity, communication, connection and commitment – to strengthen any relationship, and keep things hot and sexy!


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