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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

What does consent look like, and how do you make it sexy?


In this episode, Sara invites sex-positive friends Jessica and Prescott Gaylord to talk about their personal experiences on consent.


Prescott is an improv actor and instructor who facilitates consent workshops. And on the show, he gives us practical techniques and exercises on how to establish better consent and boundaries.


We talk about our definitions of consent and how our personal feelings towards this concept have evolved over time. Particularly with the #metoo movement bringing this discussion to the forefront.   


One key consent technique we discuss on the show is shifting our feelings around the word “no”. Often a “no” is construed as a rejection, and followed by frustration or disappointment.


However, by learning to celebrate “no”, it gives us an opportunity to be more aware of someone’s boundaries and accept this as a positive thing. This concept may take a little time to get used to but it’s definitely something worth thinking about.


We also demonstrate how a simple question like, “how do you like to be ____?” can make asking for consent really hot and sexy.


This empowering episode will help you to feel more confident about asking for consent and expressing your own boundaries without shame or guilt.



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