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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Mar 22, 2022

Curious to try an open relationship, but don’t know quite where or how to start?


On this episode, Sara chats with relationship coach Valentina Tudose ( to answer your most common questions about open relationships, such as:


  1. What basic ground rules should I set if I’m just starting out with open relationships
  2. How can I handle my intense attraction to a new lover since I started to open my relationship with my spouse?
  3. I want to have an open relationship, but how do I manage my jealousy?
  4. How do I bring up an open relationship to a partner that has been previously unreceptive?


Some ground rules that Valentina and I discuss for an open relationship include: prioritizing your partner, having regular check-ins, communicating your needs with compassion, and a strong commitment to radical honesty.


We also share tips around managing jealousy and how when used constructively, jealousy can be a useful tool to help us address issues and get what we need.


We also offer reminders and tips for couples who are in the process of opening up their relationship to think about it as if they're embarking on a joint adventure or an exciting journey together. 


If you're interested in open relationships, we suggest bringing up the conversation regarding your values and beliefs around non-traditional relationship models early in the dating process to avoid a future mismatch and heartbreak.


This episode is a must-listen if you and/or your partner are curious about non-monogamy or trying to work up the courage to open your relationship.







  • Detailed show notes for this episode here.