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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Sep 18, 2022

Have you heard of the “male G-spot”? It’s another name for the prostate and it’s a major erogenous zone. But it’s an area that has been largely unexplored by most people.


On this episode, Sara and Prescott Gaylord (, an improv actor and intimacy co-ordinator, go on a journey to explore everything in prostate play.


First, we discuss what is a prostate, where you can find it, and the benefits of stimulating it for pleasure. Prescott shares his personal experiences of prostate orgasms, which feel longer lasting and more full-bodied than traditional ejaculatory orgasms.


We alleviate the most common fears and concerns around prostate play, discussing general hygiene and safety practices, and warm-up techniques. And we discuss one of the most commonly heard myths - whether prostate play makes you gay.


Prescott and Sara exchange practical tips around toys, lube, and what to have around your space before exploring prostate play.


We also role-play how to find the prostate, with the consent and communication cues necessary for anyone who is interested in trying this kind of play for the first time.


Tune into this episode to learn more about using the prostate to heighten sexual pleasure and explore the possibilities of the male orgasm. It may change your bedroom dynamics forever.