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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Jan 26, 2023

Yoni massage, which has its origins in Tantra, has recently been getting a lot of attention in the sexual wellness space. 


What is the meaning of Yoni anyway? It’s Sanskrit term that means “sacred portal” and it represents all the female genital parts - the vulva, vagina, womb and feminine essence.


On this episode, Sara is joined by her sex-positive friend Will and Viv Kan (, a mindful intimacy coach. They discuss the benefits of yoni massage, what the experience is like and how to incorporate this practice in our intimate lives. 


For some, a yoni massage can be used to release emotions or trauma stuck in the pelvic area. And for others, it can be the start of a sexual awakening. 


Both Sara and Viv share their memorable experiences around Yoni massages, and how orgasm is not the end goal but an exploration of one’s body and sexual empowerment. 


Viv also breaks down how to give yourself or someone else a Yoni massage — from setting the stage to exploring the different parts of female genitals. There are a bunch of practical tips in this episode. 


Be inspired to embrace your sensuality and awaken pleasure with this liberating practice by tuning into this episode.



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