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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Feb 5, 2022

How can we rekindle the sexual desire for a long-term partner? Or is desire always destined to fade?


On this pre-Valentine’s Day episode, Sara chats with Dr. Kristin Zeising, a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, and co-host Mo from the Ho Ho Hong Kong podcast, and we tackle all things sexual desire.


Kristin shares the latest scientific thinking on the sexual response cycle, and we discuss the different styles of sexual desire - spontaneous vs responsive.


We learn that sexual desire doesn’t have to fade in long-term relationships, the nature of desire just changes over time.


By managing the biggest drivers and brakes that impact our sexual desire, we can take back control of our sex drives, and sex lives.


We also challenge the most common myths surrounding sexual desire, such as whether men really do want sex more than women and whether libido always drops off with age.


This episode offers practical strategies for lovers who are looking to spice things up and rekindle their sexual spark. So if you’re struggling with sexual desire in your relationship due to the pandemic or simply life’s daily challenges, have a listen! 







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