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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Apr 1, 2021

Is long-distance a deal-breaker for your sex and love life, or can it actually make things hotter and better?

In this episode, Sara chats with sex-positive friends Helen and James, who have both been in long-term long-distance relationships and are happy to share their experiences.

We talk about some of the difficulties couples may experience with intimacy and the misunderstandings that occur over long-distance relationships.

But more importantly, we talk about how to keep it sexy and fun!

We explore the benefits of being in a long-distance relationship, such as independence and the space to cultivate desire, and how to build a strong foundation for your relationship to grow on.

We also get down and dirty sharing some ideas on how to keep things steamy, share personal intimate moments through sexting, video chats, photos, and even toys that can be used across the world!

We learn that it takes trust, great communication, clearly defined boundaries, constant dedication and a safe place to explore your sexuality if you want to keep your spark alive across long distance.

Long distance sex and relationships are hard work. But they can actually help us gain the skills to help us get better at our in-person relationships.



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