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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Dec 3, 2021

How can you be more sexually assertive and dominant in the bedroom?

Sara co-hosts this episode with kink coach Jannus, and we chat with guest Mistress Eva Oh, a professional dominatrix about her journey into BDSM.

We discuss the psychology behind being assertive and dominant in a BDSM context and the dynamics that come with it. We learn where sexual power comes from, and what we can do to step into that power or give it away.

Whether or not you’re into BDSM, sexual assertiveness is something that we can all practice by simply knowing what we want and being confident enough to ask for it in the bedroom.

We all then share some practical tips and ideas around bringing more kink into the bedroom - from training subs, doling out rewards and punishments, initiating sex and more!

This episode is a must-listen if you’re interested becoming more sexually assertive and if you want to incorporate more BDSM into your sex life.



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