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Better in Bed | A Sex & Sexuality Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

Why do we love having sexual fantasies, and what are their benefits?


On this episode, Sara chats with guests Mo and Andy, who are stand-up comedians that host the local Ho Ho Hong Kong podcast so be prepared for some big laughs.


We discuss how sexual fantasies stimulate arousal, are an escape from reality (like the pandemic), alleviate boredom and can even help us heal from past traumas.


We each share a few of our own personal stories around our favourite sexual fantasies and whether the reality lived up to our expectations. You might never look a camel the same way again!


We discuss how comfortable we are sharing and exploring our fantasies with our partners, and the role of boundaries in that conversation.


Sara presents some fascinating research around the top 3 most common sexual fantasies and how our fantasies may align with our personalities.


She also reads out several crowdsourced sexual fantasies that showcase the diversity and creativity of the human imagination. Mo and Andy respond with hilarious results.




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